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New Student Information


"Yoga should be for you practices that allow you to do everything else you do with greater ease and comfort," Mary Bartel.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with the studio owner, Mary Bartel, to discuss your specific needs or to ask questions that may not be answered below.

GROUP CLASSES provide a gathering of like minded folks (community or sangha) looking to enhance their sense of well-being. The majority of our movement classes are adaptable to meet the needs of students with general good health and fitness. Therapeutic classes, workshops, and programs are offered throughout the year with more specific focus.

PRIVATE CLASSES yoga one-on-one is an opportunity for personal and/or spiritual growth. Many times new comers to yoga want one or more private lessons to become familiar with what a class is like, learn some of the techniques and general movements and poses before attending group classes. Or, you may be someone who wants to learn more advanced techniques or poses. Teacher to one student is how yoga was taught in the beginning - practices tailored to the individual to help he/she in attaining balance, harmony, and ease of being.

SEMI-PRIVATE or GROUP PRIVATE CLASSES are wonderful be it an occasion like a wedding party, a group of friends or family, or a couple. The class level and style would be as you wish.

YOGA THERAPY is beneficial for anyone who may be new to yoga or if you have special needs in which Mary, as a Structural Yoga Therapist and Integrative Restoration and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, following consultation and assessement can provide you with ways to be comfortable in group classes or provide home practice for your specific needs (physical or emotional). Check the Yoga Therapy link for more information.

SIGNING IN. Drop-ins are always welcome for all classes on the schedule unless it is noted to be a closed program. There is a little desk in the studio to sign in. First timers will be asked to complete a waiver and health history form.

WELCOME. Please remove your shoes in the entry way and place them on the shoe rack. Coats or jackets may be hung in the entry way or inside the door to the right on hooks outside the rest room. Avoid eating for two hours before the class. Turn off all cell phones. Please try to arrive 10 minutes before class. Classes begin promptly. Latecomers are admitted during the first 10 minutes of class. Enter quietly with your mat already unrolled to place it down.

MATS & PROPS. The studio supplies mats if you do not have one with you free of charge. We ask that you spray and wipe it with our non-toxic essential oil cleaner (Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living Essential Oils). We also supply all other props including blankets, meditation cushions, blocks, straps, and chairs.

WHAT TO WEAR? Please dress comfortably that will allow the body to stretch easily. Any kind of fitness wear, yoga pants, sweatpants, shorts (not short loose shorts), and T-shirts.

MULTIPLE CLASS CARDS. You may save per class by purchasing a multiple class card that is valid for 12 weeks from the purchase date. Check the class schedule page for options and use policy.

STUDENT DISCOUNTS. Drop-in rates and class passes are offered for students, check the class schedule page for options.

PRECAUTIONS. Those with health concerns or physical limitations, please let the teacher know before class. Women who are menstruating are encouraged to practice more gently, omit inversions, and heating breath work. Emphasize relaxation and slowed rhythmic breathing. During pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimester), please attend mindfulness movement and meditation classes rather than the regular open classes. One-on-one pre-natal sessions are available for woman and their partner.

May you break through the obstacles that hold you back from fully experiencing your
true nature as the underlying peace, and pure joyful being you are. Practice .... practice ....
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